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Sunny Dollars has several proven monoey making programs, all designed to get the most income from your traffic. Take a look below and you'll see full payout charts and program descriptions to help you choose which one is best for you and your traffic.
You can earn up to $35 for every signup you send. You even get to maximize your sales by choosing the trial price that best suits your traffic.end. Please consult the payout chart below for more specific details and other per sign-up program payout options below.
When you want to build a solid cash flow choose our recurring program. You will earn a clear 60% of the initial sale and a clear 60% of the subscription for each month that your surfer stays with us. You get a clear 60% with no deductions! Payout chart is below.
When you want easy money start promoting this program. For every affiliate that makes 5 sales and that you referred to us we will pay you a cool $250. All you have to do is get your referral code and then get your friends to sign up using your code. It's just as easy as that!
Per Sign-Up Payouts
Trial Price Payout
$4.95 $35.00*
$4.95 $30.00
$3.00 $27.00
$1.00 $25.00
Recurring Membership Payouts
Trial Price Payout
$4.95 60% *
$3.00 60% *
$1.00 60% *
Webmaster Referral Payouts
Initial signups Payout
5 $250.00
* Must make over 75 sales per period
* 60% of Initial AND Recurring Sales
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